2007 Tristar Signa Cuts Football Edition Review

BY: T.C.

On Saturday, my friend (and fellow Sportsgeekly writer) Brian called to inform me a local card shop was having a 40% off sale.  As I generally need little reason to venture out to satisfy my card-opening fix, the 40% off lure was good enough to get me off my butt and out of the house.  When we got to the card store, I spent most of my time filling lists for my upcoming spring training trip (stay tuned…that will be the subject of another series of posts).  However, once I was finished filling my lists, I started watching some folks crack packs and I got the itch.  I scanned around the shelves, looking for a target.  As I passed over the various products, my sights got locked in on a single remaining box of Signa Cuts.  I had read a little bit about the product and it seemed intriguing.  The checklists are broke into 4 seperate categories: Fantastic Find/Premier Pull, Hall of Fame, Award Winners, and Fan Favorite.  Each category has some pretty cool possibilities, so I was excited to give it a whirl.  With the sale price, the box was in the $80 neighborhood.  How could I pass that up?

Once I got home and opened the box, the first thing I noticed is that there are only 4 packs…and you only get one card per pack.  Now, the MSRP on these things is $34.99 per pack (which, in essence, means $34.99 per card).  That seems a little steep to me, but the deal I got on them made it worth the gamble. 

When I opened my first pack, I became a little disgusted with the packaging of the product.  Each pack is essentially a cardboard envelope, roughly twice the size of the card.  The card isn’t in any kind of liner inside the envelope, so there is a lot of room for the card to bounce around and get dinged up.  It’s definitely not what you’d expect from a product that charges you $34.99 for a card.  For God’s sake, spend the extra ten cents per pack and stick the things in penny sleeves and rigid card holders or something…but I digress.  In my first pack, I pulled a Bob St. Clair Hall of Fame autograph #65/65.  The cut sig was obviously from a photo, but it looked decent.  OK, not a bad start. 

The next pack I opened was a Ricky Sanders, 2x Super Bowl Champion autograph #48/135.  Seeing this card, I had a couple of beefs with the product.  Beef #1: The product is called Signa Cuts…and this autograph is not a cut signature.  It’s on a freaking sticker.  That is a bit of an annoyance.  Why not just have the players sign index cards so that you can stay true to the name of your product?  Beef #2: They put the stickers so close together on the sheet that when the player signed them, each signature overlapped onto another signature.  If you look at the picture of this card (below), you can clearly see where the overlapping occured on my card. 

Continuing on, I opened the next pack and was kind of amused to see a Billy Sims, former Detroit Lion and Heisman Trophy winner, autograph #212/235.  The final pack was pretty cool.  I pulled an Arnie Weinmeister Hall of Fame autograph #1/3.  I had never heard of this dude, so I had to go online and look him up.  It turns out that he played for the Giants back in the 50’s.  He only played for six years, but evidentally he was one of the most dominant players to ever play the game.  It’s always cool when I can open up a product and it motivates me to learn something!


Let’s move on to the rating.  If you pay MSRP for these things you will almost NEVER get even remotely close to the value that you expect for your money.  This is usually the case with cards, but a quick scan on eBay shows an inordinately large number of $2-$5 cards.  This is about ten times worse than the depreciation you get when you drive a new car off the lot!  Monetary issues aside, I can honestly say that I had fun opening this box.  From an autograph standpoint, there are some really cool possibilities that make this product intriguing.  Having said all of that, my recommendation would be to never pay MSRP for a pack or box.  However, if you’re a true autograph collector, and you can snag a box in the sub-$80 price range, you should take a swing.  On the SportsGeekly rating scale, this product gets a 6 out of 10.


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