2008 Florida Spring Training Tour, Day 5 (New York Mets)

BY: T.C.


On Tuesday, I went do Port St. Lucie to see the Mets play the University of Michigan.  I wasn’t as concerned with getting autographs on this particular day.  I was more looking forward to seeing my Wolverines play. 



I did arrive early to try to catch some of the Mets’ practice before the game.  They opened the gates for practice around 9:30 am.  The players really aren’t very accessible for autographs at this facility.  In fact, I wasn’t able to get any during practice.  Theoretically, there are a few areas that players could stop to sign if they wanted to, which can be found on the map below.

 Mets ST 

The game was actually quite fun.  The Wolverines played very hard and ended up tying the Mets 4-4.  A lot of the Mets’ fans even started cheering for the Wolverines toward the end of the game, which was pretty neat.  Before and after the game, I did manage to get a couple of ‘graphs, which I have listed below.



  • Adam Abraham (U of M), 1 RMLB
  • Zach Putnam (U of M), 1 RMLB
  • Fernando Martinez, 1 ROMLB
  • Moises Alou, 1 ROMLB
  • Billy Wagner, 1 ROMLB
  • Ricardo Rincon, 1 card



Unless you’re a fan of the Mets, I would stay away from Port St. Lucie.  The attitudes of the staff and of the players are definitely “New York.”  If you want to get autographs, go to a different camp!


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