2008 Florida Spring Training Tour, Day 6 (Cleveland Indians)

BY: T.C.


On Wednesday, I started driving over to the west side of Florida to hit some of the camps in the Tampa area.  I decided to stop in Winter Haven to see the Indians on my way over.  I arrived at the camp at about 8 am.  It was quite gray and cold when I got there, which I think chased a lot of fans away.  When I arrived, there were only 5 people there.  As the day went on, only about 20-30 people showed up.  Because of the weather, the team didn’t do a full workout.  Many of them alternated between the batting cages and the weight room.  As the walked back and forth, many of them came over to sign for the few of us that were there.  The pitchers came over to the practice field and did a short workout.  As they finished up, almost all of them stopped to sign. 


A nice added bonus is that many of the highly-regarded minor leaguers were already in camp.  They came out past us to go stretch up on a hill.  As they walked back, they all stopped to sign.  A map of the key autograph areas is below:  

 Indians ST 

I would guess that on most days, Cleveland’s camp is pretty tough for autographs because the player accessibility is mostly limited to a couple of areas behind a 6-foot fence.  However, I got really lucky with the bad weather on this particular day.  The small number of ‘graphers that were there really helped me have a great day.  Here is a list of my haul for the day:

  • Trevor Crowe, 1 RMLB
  • Reid Santos, 1 RMLB
  • Scott Lewis, 1 RMLB
  • Adam Miller, 1 RMLB, 1 card
  • Rafael Perez, 1 RMLB, 3 cards
  • Shin-Soo Choo, 1 RMLB, 3 cards
  • Jensen Lewis, 1 RMLB, 2 cards
  • Tony Sipp, 1 RMLB, 3 cards
  • Masahide Kobayashi, 1 RMLB
  • Chuck Lofgren, 1 RMLB, 1 card
  • Fausto Carmona, 1 ROMLB, 3 cards
  • Jeremy Sowers, 1 ROMLB, 1 card
  • Travis Fryman  , 1 ROMLB
  • Steven Wright, 3 cards
  • Brian Slocum, 3 cards
  • Edward Mujica, 2 cards
  • Tom Mastny, 3 cards
  • Cliff Lee, 1 card
  • David Huff, 2 cards
  • Wes Hodges, 3 cards
  • Jeff Harris, 3 cards
  • Jared Goedert, 1 card
  • Paul Byrd, 3 cards
  • Rafael Betancourt, 3 cards
  • Casey Blake, 3 cards
  • Michael Aubrey, 2 cards
  • Robert Alcombrack, 3 cards

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