2008 Florida Spring Training Tour, Day 8 (Detroit Tigers @ Toronto Blue Jays)

By: T.C.

On Friday, I attended the Tigers game at the Blue Jays in Dunedin.  This is pretty good park for ‘graphing either the visitors or the Jays.  On the visitors’ side, there is a fenced in area down the left field line where you can get autographs before the game and as players are pulled out of the game.   The only down side is that you have no access to the players’ bus before or after the game.

On the home side, there is a similar area (without the chain link fence) down the right field line.  I spent a decent amount of time in each area and did pretty well.  After the game, outside the Jays’ parking lot is where you can really clean up.  Almost every player that fans asked to stop (with the exception of Rios) stopped to sign.  Below is a map of the stadium with ‘graphing areas highlighted.

Jays ST

Here are the autographs that I snagged:

Blue Jays:

  • Jeremy Accardo, 3 cards
  • Vernon Wells, 5 cards, 1 ROMLB w/ Gold Glove 04-06 inscription
  • Adam Lind, 1 card, 1 ROMLB
  • Gregg Zaun, 4 cards
  • Brian Wolfe, 3 cards
  • Travis Snider, 3 cards, 1 RMLB
  • Curtis Thigpen, 1 card
  • Matt Stairs, 3 cards
  • Jesse Litsch, 3 cards
  • Casey Janssen, 3 cards
  • Scott Downs, 3 cards
  • Shannon Stewart, 1 RMLB
  • Roy Halladay, 1 ROMLB w/ CY 03 inscription


  • Jeff Larish, 1 RMLB
  • Jacque  Jones, 1 ROMLB
  • Joseph  Bowen, 1 RMLB
  • Placido Polanco, 1 RMLB
  • Rick Porcello, 1 ROMLB
  • Verlander, Renteria, Granderson, and a few others also signed when I was on the Blue Jays’ side

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