2007 Donruss National Treasures Review


On Sunday, I was at a card show with T.C. and decided to try my luck with the National Treasures football. I had watched several people open boxes over the past couple of weeks and they had hit some really nices pieces. This would be my first leap into the ultra expensive market,  paying $375 for this product.

The packaging is very nice. It comes in a wooden box with a tamper proof interior box that contains 7 cards. There is one (1) base card and six (6) Autograph/Memorbilia cards per box. Here is how I did…

Base Card Daryle Lamonica 83/100
Rookie Auto Jeff Rowe 6/299 (QB Bengals)
Emmitt Smith 3 piece jersey 21/25
Jack Lambert single color jersey 21/25
Hank Stram 3 color suit 94/99
Bob Waterfield Cut Auto 1/100
Redemption Rookie Signature Silver Non RPS Aaron Ross

For a product that carries an MSRP of $500, this is an awful breakdown. Having been in the hobby for a long time, I understand that not every box is going to be a home run.  However…this box couldn’t get a ball back to the pitcher in a little league game.  First off, they include a rookie auto of a guy that has NO CHANCE of ever playing (sitting behind Carson Palmer) and I am not sure that he is even on the roster anymore.  Then, I get single-color jersey pieces of Lambert and Smith. The two decent pieces I pulled are numbered to a ridiculously high 100. 

National Treasures

After doing a little research on eBAY, I found all the cards I pulled…and most of them don’t have any bids on them…They all started at $0.99!!! In total, I figure that I have about $40 in value out of a box that cost me $375.  It’s a horrible return on my money and it wasn’t even fun to bust the box because I had to see all that crap.  When you add to this that all the auto’s were on stickers (except for the cut auto) you get a very poor product value.  DONRUSS…YOU CAN AND SHOULD DO BETTER!!!

On our sports geekly scale, this product goes off the charts…I give it a -2/10…which is equivelant to getting gang raped in the prison shower.

Don’t buy this product, it is junk!


2 Responses to “2007 Donruss National Treasures Review”

  1. 1 tcismenotu March 10, 2008 at 8:52 am

    Poor Brian…I had to watch this debacle. He looked like a little kid on Christmas that reached into a stocking and pulled out a handful of reindeer poop.

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