Getting Autographs at Great Lakes Loons Games (and why I love minor league baseball)

BY: T.C.
On Monday, June 15th, I went to the Midwest League Home Run Derby at Dow Diamond in Midland, Michigan.  This event was a reminder of why I love going to minor league baseball games/events.  Single A is an autograph collector’s dream.  While Dow Diamond does not have the best layout (from an autograph standpoint), I was still able to get well over 100 ‘graphs at the event.  Before the game, all of the players came down the right field line and signed pretty much everything that anyone had.  While A-ball players definitely can’t be considered “can’t miss” prospects, there were several up-and-comers that I was glad to get on multiple items.  Some of the ones that I was most happy with were: Ben Revere, Jarrod Parker, Scott Mitchinson, Adrian Ortiz, Brad Mills, Kevin Ahrens, Brandon Waring, Peter Kozma, and Justin Jackson.  For most of the guys, I had somewhere between 4-9 cards and had no problem getting all of them signed.  While they signed, most were very friendly and chatty.  It’s definitely a marked difference from ‘graphing at an MLB game.  For anyone that’s an autograph collector that’s never done a minor league game, I’d strongly encourage it.


If you ever go to a Great Lakes Loons game in Midland, here is the overview of where to go for ‘graphs:


Dow Diamond

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