Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Game

BY: T.C.


On Sunday, August 17th, I made the trek down south to see my family (they live in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area) and to meet up with some friends to see the Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals game at Paul Brown Stadium.  It was actually kind of cool to go see the Lions on the road with our crew dressed up in our Lions garb.  While my boycott of home Lions games is still active (the boycott began in 2006, when I finally got pissed off enough to cancel my season tickets), I did slightly modify the boycott to allow myself to attend road games.  The game and the tailgating beforehand were a lot of fun and most of the Bengals fans were good sports.  The game was also entertaining– especially when Ocho Cinco had the ball extracted from his alligator arms after being blown up by a member of the Lions secondary.  I refuse to get my hopes up for the season, but I have to admit the Lions looked decent during the game.  Damn them for giving me false hope!!!


At the end of the game (and after a few cold beverages) the crew and I went down to the tunnel where the Lions were exiting the field.  It was cool high-fiving the players as they hit the tunnel.  We even came away with some swag, as Backus threw me his hat (because I yelled “Go Blue!” to him) and Kitna threw my buddy (the Cotty) a hat (God only knows what the Cotty said to him…because I guarantee you that the Cotty doesn’t even know). My other buddies also managed to get a glove and a wristband from a couple of other Lions.  I also have to give a shout out to John Standeford.  The ex-Boilermaker was cool enough to stop and sign my hat when I called him.  I was fired up to have players from both of my alma maters (Backus-Michigan, Standeford-Purdue) hook me up!


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