Getting Autographs at Dayton Dragons Games

BY: T.C.


On the way home from the Lions-Bengals game on Monday, my friends and I decided to stop in Dayton to see the Dragons take on the Great Lakes Loons.  The stadium in Dayton is pretty large by Midwest League standards and they get a pretty good crowd there (they average the highest attendance in the MWL).  Other than the larger size of the stadium, it is pretty comparable to most of the others in the MWL.  The team store has a wide selection, but it was way too pricey.  They wanted $25-30 for most hats (they usually run $15-20 at most minor league parks).  They also didn’t carry any of this years’ team baseball card sets, which sucked.  Furthermore, the Dragons seriously need to hire somebody to re-design their God-awful logo merchandise.  Every time I go to a new stadium, I like to grab a hat from that team.  As I looked around the store, I couldn’t find a hat that I would wear if the Dragons PAYED ME!  Aside from the brutal hats, I literally couldn’t find a t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc. that I would even consider wearing or buying for my wife to wear.  As the wise Happy Gilmore once said, “If I saw myself in clothes like those, I’d kick my own ass!” 


As for autographs, I have to say that it’s the worst stadium I’ve been to in the MWL.  The visiting team is easy enough, as they allow fans to stand next to either side of the dugout and yell for players as they come down the tunnel.  The problem lies on the home side, however.  An usher prevents people from standing on the home plate side of the dugout (where the player tunnel is).  Are you serious?  It’s freaking A-ball!!!  On the third base side of the dugout, they do let people line up against the fence.  However, the problem is that the Dayton players know that fans can’t get to them if they stay by the rail on the front side of the dugout.  Most of them hang out there until it’s time to stretch, thereby avoiding autograph seekers.  It’s a total Major-league move by bush-league players.  Having said that, I did manage to maneuver my way into some autographs from both teams.  I ended up getting Andrew Lambo, Jamie Ortiz, Danny Darwin, Zach Cozart, Justin Reed, Neftali Perez, and Kyle Lotzkar (who is injured and was in the stands).  To see the autograph areas and the areas that they won’t let you stand, see the picture below.



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