Getting Autographs at Modesto Nuts Games

BY: T.C.

Another work trip had me traveling out to California this week.  After my meetings finished up on Wednesday, I headed out to Modesto to see the Modesto Nuts play the Stockton Ports.  Due to the wonderful California traffic, the drive from the Bay area was absolutely brutal.  There were a couple of times I got so frustrated that I nearly just turned around and went back to the hotel.  After departing my hotel at around 4 pm, I didn’t pull into the stadium until about 6:30 (the return trip only took a little over an hour).  Since the game started at 7, this only gave me about half an hour to get my ‘graphing done.

The good news is that Modesto is a really easy place to get ‘graphs.  The players in the California League seem to take cues from the people in the rest of the state, as they are really laid back.  The stadium reminded me of a medium-sized college stadium.  It was pretty small and nearly empty, which made getting ‘graphs really easy.  In the 1/2 hour I had before the game started, I got nearly all of the cards signed that I brought with me.

There were only 2 other ‘graphers in Modesto and they were both really friendly.  One guy in particular (named Henry) was really cool and made a couple of trades with me.  He even kept the cards I didn’t get signed so he could finish them up and send them to me.  Needless to say, I’m going to have to hook him up with some Midwest League ‘graphs!

To see a diagram of the stadium & the best places for ‘graphs, see the image below.


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