Getting Autographs at the Consumer Electronics Show

Every January, over 130,000 electronics geeks converge upon Las Vegas, NV for the largest convention in America–the Consumer Electronics Show.  I’ve been attending the show for the past 7 years with my company and have occasionally had time to walk the show floor and see some of the celebrities that make appearances at the show.  This year was no different, as I was able to sneak away from our booth a few times to snag a few autographs.  Among the folks I met this year were:

  • Ronnie Lott (Samsung booth-signed a mini helmet.  He was pretty friendly considering he’s Ronnie Lott.  We chatted briefly about Kenny Easley who is one of his buddies.)
  • Eric Dickerson (Samsung booth-signed a mini helmet and two cards.  He was very personable & had some funny comments about the Jheri Curl and goggles he was sporting on his rookie card.)
  • Bill Walton (Haier booth-Signed an SI cover and two cards…dude was TOO friendly, as he spent 1-3 minutes chatting with EVERY person in line.)
  • Robert Parish (Haier booth-signed an SI cover and a card.  He was nice enough, but kinda quiet.)
  • Clyde Drexler (Haier booth-signed a USA Dream Team jersey.)

I also got a few baseball autographs at the Sharp booth.  The Sharp people were Nazis about the whole experience, though.  You could only have items signed that THEY provided.  On the second two days, those items were cards produced by Topps that had a Sharp logo (kind of cheezy, but I get why they do it).  However, the first day, the cards didn’t make it to the show, so the Sharp people went out and bought baseballs for the players to sign.  The baseballs were of the Rawlings ROLB3 variety, or– as we in the hobby tend to call them– “ghetto balls.”  They are ghetto balls because they are cheap and the autograph on them will fade and eventually disappear after a couple of years.  The part that really bummed me out was that I could have gotten David Ortiz to sign the 2004 World Series ball that I had in my pocket,  but was not allowed to by the Sharp Stormtroopers.   The baseball players that I did get autographs from were: David Ortiz, John Maine, Ryan Theriot, and Matt Holliday.  Pictures of everything are below:




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