2009 Florida Spring Training Tour, Day 2 (Houston Astros)

BY: T.C.

Today wasn’t as prolific as yesterday in terms of sheer number of autographs, but it was still a fun day in the sun.  Houston is always a fun camp to go to because of how close you can get to the players.  It is fun to stand in between the 4 practice diamonds and watch the players walk right past you without feeling the constraints of ropes, fences, etc.  It definitely has a more old-school feel than Atlanta’s spring home.

Today I was able to get 40 autographs.  I got 3 balls signed–Bud Norris, Hunter Pence, and the elusive Roy Oswalt.  Roy has always been somewhat of a white whale for me.  He has a reclusive personality around fans and, until today, I haven’t even SEEN him sign before.  After he was finished doing a couple of interviews after practice, he had the security guys line everyone up in a single file line.  He signed 1/per person for the entire line.  Needless to say, I’m pretty fired about adding that one to my collection!


There weren’t too many major stars in the crop of cards that I got signed, but I was happy to get Bud Norris on 3 of them and Jason Castro on one of his Razor cards (he is one of Razor’s exclusive signature guys).  On a side not, I asked Jason if his “exclusive” contract with Razor precluded him from signing his TriStar Prospects Plus card.  He told me that as far as he knew, he was allowed to sign them.  The exclusivity must be limited to “pack-inserted” cards.  All of the signed cards can be seen below.



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