2009 Florida Spring Training Tour, Day 7, Part 2 (Minnesota Twins vs. Cincinnati Reds)

BY: T.C.

After starting the day bright and early in Fort Myers, I made the hour and a half drive up to Sarasota.  I arrived just in time to see the first pitch of the Cincinnati Reds vs. Minnesota Twins game.  Because I arrived so late, I didn’t get a good feel for how the ‘graphing was at a Reds spring training game.  It didn’t really matter to me, though.  I was content enough sitting outside on a warm, sunny day and watching a game. 

During the game, a guy from Cincinnati and his son (Austin) sat next to me.  I saw that the kid had some cards and a couple of autographs.  I started chatting with them and found out that this was their first trip to spring training.  So far, they had experienced a little bit of success in getting ‘graphs, but not a ton.  Part of the problem was that they were relying too heavily on trying to get autographs in the stadiums on game day.  I talked to them about some of the strategies that I use for ‘graphing and the dad seemed really appreciative.  It was kind of cool chatting with them, because it reminded me a lot of myself going to spring training games when I was that age (around 10 years old).  After the game, we caught a couple of players heading back to the clubhouse.  I was able to get Yonder Alonso to sign a card, which was one of the ones that I really wanted to get signed.

Once the stadium was empty, I led the father/son combo over to the Reds player parking lot and showed them how to get stuff signed over there.  I think this little insight helped their quest for autographs out quite a bit!!!  At the end of my day at the Reds game, I ended up with about 20 ‘graphs, which I listed below.  I have to say, though, my favorite part of the day was helping a dad be able to give his son a better collecting experience on his first trip to Florida!

Yonder Alonso Card x 1
Jerry Hairston, Jr. Card x 1
Ryan Hanigan Cards x 3
Billy Hatcher Card x 1
Jacque Jones Card x 1
Jeff Keppinger Cards x 2
Robert Manuel Card x 1
Devin Mesoraco Cards x 6
Josh Roenicke Cards x 2
Drew Stubbs Card x 1

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