Colombus Clippers @ Toledo Mudhens (4/17/09)

BY: T.C.

The Mudhens had a weird start time for a ballgame tonight (5:30 pm).  We got there at about 4:15 pm and they already had the gates open.  This is unusual becasue the gates don’t usually open until 1 hour before the game.  I’ll have to figure out if it was some sort of “weird start time phenomenon,” or if they are opening up gates earlier this year.

Anyhow, I accomplished my goal of getting Matt Laporta’s signature on two items (with the help of my wife).  The first was a one-of-one printing plate from the 2008 TriStar Projections set.


The second item was his 2007 TriStar Prospects Plus card.  This is the 95th card from the set that I’ve gotten signed…only 5 more to go!

I also had a cool experience tonight with Torey Lovullo and Rey Palacios.  Torey is the manager for Columbus and signed his 1989 Fleer card for me.  The cool part came in when Rey Palacios showed up in the crowd to say hi to Torey, who was an old teammate of his.  I got to talking to Rey and finally put two and two together that he was the other dude on the card that I had Torey sign!  Anyway, Rey, Tony, and I all had a good laugh when we figured out this little bit of serendipity. 


Here are the other autographs I came away with:

  • Luis Valbuena 3/3 cards
  • Jordan Brown 9/9 cards
  • Andy Cannizaro 5/5 cards
  • Wes Hodges 1/6 cards
  • Andy Marte 3/9 cards
  • Michael Brantley 1/9 cards
  • Tony Sipp 2/4 cards
  • Wyatt Toregas 1/1 cards
  • Stephen Head 2/2 cards

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