Fort Wayne Tin Caps at Lansing Lugnuts (Opening Night 4/9/09)

BY: T.C.

I froze my butt off at the Lansing home opener on Thursday night.  The graphing was pretty good, though.  There were only 3 people doing the Fort Wayne side, so I was able to get just about everyone I brought cards for.  Here is what I came away with:

  • Alexis Lara, 1 card 
  • Simon Castro, 1 card
  • Sawyer Carroll, 9 cards…and a smart-assed comment about eBay–which I hated becasue I have NEVER sold an autograph that I’ve gotten myself.
  • Drew Cumberland, 5 cards
  • James Darnell,  9 cards
  • Nick Schmidt, 8 cards, I also gave him an Arkansas jersey card of his that I pulled, which he thought was very cool.
  • Jeudy Valdez, 3 cards
  • Allan Dykstra, 7 cards
  • Blake Tekotte, 9 cards
  • Dan Robertson, 1 baseball with “NWL MVP 2008” inscribed

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