Peoria Chiefs @ Lansing Lugnuts (5/5/09)

BY: T.C.

My wife bought me a partially signed official 1984 World Series baseball for Easter.  It is a great starter ball, as it already had autographs of: Sparky Anderson, Jim Campbell, Lance Parrish, Alan Trammell, and Chet Lemon.  Since ’84 Tiger Barbaro Garbey is a coach with Peoria, I figured it would be worthwhile to make the trip up to Lansing to get my ball signed by him.  Barbaro was a VERY friendly guy and gladly signed the ball and chatted about the 1984 team for a few minutes with me.  Overall, the Peoria guys were great signers, with Josh Vitters being the only one that didn’t sign everything I had (he did sign 4, though, which is plenty).  Here are all of the ‘graphs that I obtained:

  • Barbaro Garbey, 1/1
  • Marty Pevy, 2/2
  • Josh Vitters, 4/9
  • Rebel Ridling, 3/3
  • Luis Flores, 3/3
  • Kyler Burke, 9/9
  • Ryan Flaherty, 9/9
  • Josh Harrison, 8/8
  • Jeff Beliveau, 1/1
  • Josh Whitlock, 1/1
  • Chris Huseby, 8/8
  • Aaron Shafer, 8/9 (asked to keep a card that had him & Dusty Coleman on it, which I gladly gave him)
  • Chris Carpenter 1/1
  • Justin Bristow, 4/4

1 Response to “Peoria Chiefs @ Lansing Lugnuts (5/5/09)”

  1. 1 frank May 11, 2009 at 9:37 pm


    Got the Bristow card today, thank you so much for your help. You are truly one of the class acts in the hobby. Keep up the good work and good luck the rest of the season.

    You have also convinced me that Steadler is the way to go! Good bye Sharpies!

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