(Not) Getting Autographs at Cleveland Indians Games

BY: T.C.

I persuaded my wife to go on a one-day road trip to Cleveland with me on Saturday, August 1st.  First, we went to the National Sports Collectors Convention at the I-X Center in Cleveland.  This part of the trip was very cool, as it was my first trip to the National.  It was a bit overwhelming, and I couldn’t really look at everything in great detail because I knew my wife would have a limited attention span.  We were at the show for about 2 hours, which was mainly spent opening boxes and redeeming wrappers for the on-site redemption programs from Razor and Panini.  As long as my wife was opening packs, she was having fun.

Once we finished up at the National, we headed over to Jacobs…errrrrr…Progressive field to catch the Tigers vs. Indians game.  They open the gates in the outfield at 4:30 so you can watch B.P. from the stands.  They don’t open up the rest of the park until 6 pm for a 7 pm game.  This is very troublesome from an autograph collector’s standpoint it because you have no access to the players at all during B.P. (which is usually the prime time to snag some ‘graphs).  Once the rest of the park opens, you have to sneak down the base line and hope to get one of the players to come over after they are done stretching (which is always tough).  In the best case scenario, you might walk away with 1 or 2 autographs.  Other than Yankee stadium, this is the worst access to players that I’ve seen at a stadium.  If you’re planning on ‘graphing an Indians game, you better either go to the player hotel or stand outside the stadium and get them as they come in.  Once they’re inside the stadium, your chances are slim and none.


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