Graphing in the AFL (Arizona Fall League)

BY: T.C.

OK, I’ve been REALLY lazy about posting for the last few months. It hasn’t been for a lack of ‘graphing, it’s just because I’ve been lazy. Now that we have that established, let’s talk about my one-day experience in Arizona at an AFL game.

At the beginning of November, I had to travel out west for work and made stops in both Phoenix and Las Vegas. While I was in Phoenix, I got all of my business out of the way in the morning and was lucky enough to be able to see the Scottsdale Scorpions play the Peoria Javelinas. Now, the first thing that you’re probably wondering is, “What in the hell is a Javelina?” That’s what I was wondering when I first saw it, anyway. It inspired me to use my smart phone to look it up on Wikipedia. Basically, it’s some kind of wild, pissed-off pig.

Once I cleared up the mystery of what a Javelina was, it was on to ‘graphing. I probably could have gotten some ‘graphs outside had I known what a lot of the players looked like, but most of these guys were new to me. Because of that, I waited until the gates opened to start ‘graphing. I did quite well, considering the gates open up 1 hour before game time. Here is what I came out with:

Robert Wooten x 1 RMLB
Dominick Brown x 1 ROMLB
Thomas Neal x 1 RMLB
Andrew Lambo x 1 RMLB
Carlos Triunfel x 1 RMLB
Dustin Ackley x 1 ROMLB
Taylor Green x 1 Card
Brent Morel x 4 Cards
Robbie Weinhardt x 2 Cards
Chase D’Arnaud x 3 Cards
Jordan Danks x 7 Cards
Justin Sellers x 1 Card
Jonathan Lucroy x 2 Cards
Casper Wells x 5 Cards
Brandon Crawford x 1 Card
Scott Mathieson x 7 Cards
Cesar Valdez x 1 Card
Wilin Rosario x 2 Cards
Lorenzo Cain x 2 Cards

Here are a few random observations:
I have to say that the AFL is one of the easiest places to clean up on top prospects. If I lived in Arizona, I would be hitting a game every day.

Casper Wells, Jordan Danks, and Justin Sellers all stood out as being very cool guys. They were very accommodating signers, and each stopped to chat for awhile. Sellers was particularly cool, as he hung out and talked for about 5 minutes.

Buster Posey is a legitimate big-league hitter. On this particular day, he also had a legitimate big-league attitude. This dude was really cranky. Better get his ‘graph now, because I’m guessing he’ll be tough after he’s established.


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