Getting Autographs at Florida Marlins Spring Training in 2010

BY: T.C.

Although the Marlins and Cardinals practice fields are separated by only a few hundred feet in Jupiter, FL, the experiences of collecting autographs at the two camps couldn’t be any different. While it’s nearly impossible to get autographs at the Cardinals camp, it is extremely easy to get signatures at the Marlins camp. The Marlins practice fields are nice and open, and you can even walk with some of the players as they move from field to field. The experience reminded me of how spring training used to be in the 1980’s…which is a good thing!

Before and after practice is also a good time to get players to sign as the go back and forth between the player parking lot and the clubhouse. See the diagram below for good spots.

I spent about a day and a half at the Marlins’ camp and had tremendous success collecting autographs. Here is what I got signed:

Burke Badenhop x 6 Cards
Brian Barden x 5 Cards
Emilio Bonifacio x 1 Card
Jay Buente x 1 Card
Jorge Cantu x 5 Cards
Brett Carroll x 2 Cards
Jose Ceda x 6 Cards
Chris Coghlan x 1 Ball
Dave Collins x 5 Cards
Jeff Conine x 1 Card
Chris Coughlan x 2 Cards
Scott Cousins x 6 Cards
Bradley Davis x 2 Cards
Matt Dominguez x 1 Card
Matt Dominguez x 1 Ball
Fredi Gonzalez x 4 Cards
Kris Harvey x 2 Cards
Wes Helms x 2 Cards
Dan Jennings x 1 Card
Josh Johnson x 1 Card
Josh Johnson x 1 Ball
Hunter Jones x 3 Cards
Mike Lamb x 4 Cards
Osvaldo Martinez x 1 Ball
Cameron Maybin x 6 Cards
Cameron Maybin x 1 Ball
Seth McClung x 6 Cards
Dan Meyer x 1 Card
Andrew Miller x 8 Cards
Logan Morrison x 4 Cards
Logan Morrison x 1 Ball
Ricky Nolasco x 6 Cards
Leo Nunez x 2 Cards
Hayden Penn x 5 Cards
Bryan Petersen x 5 Cards
Renyel Pinto x 6 Cards
Danny Richar x 2 Cards
Cody Ross x 2 Cards
Vinny Rottino x 9 Cards
Brian Sanches x 5 Cards
Gaby Sanchez x 4 Cards
Anibal Sanchez x 1 Card
Randy St. Claire x 4 Cards
Mike Stanton x 5 Cards
Mike Stanton x 2 Balls
Taylor Tankersley x 7 Cards
Ryan Tucker x 2 Cards
Derrick Turnbow x 6 Cards
Dan Uggla x 1 Card
Dan Uggla x 1 Ball
Chris Volstad x 6 Cards
Sean West x 6 Cards
Tim Wood x 6 Cards

Totals: 9 balls + 175 cards = 184 total autographs…NICE!


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