Getting Autographs at Atlanta Braves & Houston Astros Spring Training in 2010

BY: T.C.

I decided to split one day of ‘graphing between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros. The Braves are a pretty good team to do early in the morning as players arrive at the stadium. I got there at around 7:30 am and managed to do fairly well in only a couple of hours. Here is what I got:

Brent Clevlen x 2 Cards
Brooks Conrad x 1 Card
Jason Heyward x 4 Cards
Eric Hinske x 2 Cards
Omar Infante x 3 Cards
Mitch Jones x 1 Cards
Brian McCann x 1 Hat
Nate McLouth x 1 Gold Glove Ball
Nate McLouth x 1 Card
David Ross x 1 Card
Clint Sammons x 3 Cards
Joe Thurston x 1 Card
Jonathan Venters x 3 Cards

Totals: 22 cards + 1 ball + 1 WBC Team USA hat = 24 total autographs

At about 9:30, I joined a couple of other ‘graphers and headed 1/2 hour down the road to the Astros camp. I arrived about half way through practice and was able to get quit a few signatures before practice ended. I also hung around for awhile and was able to get some of the guys on their way out of the parking lot…including Jeff Bagwell and Lance Berkman! I couldn’t believe that those 2 guys both stopped for the 8-10 ‘graphers that were there! (Berkman is not known as a guy that would typically stop his car and sign for fans.) Here are my totals for the Astros camp:

Brad Arnsberg x 3 Cards
Jeff Bagwell x 1 Ball
Lance Berkman x 1 Ball
Jason Bourgeois x 1 Card
Michael Bourn x 2 Cards
Jason Castro x 1 Ball
Jason Castro x 2 Cards
Evan Englebrook x 3 Cards
Brian Esposito x 3 Cards
Pedro Feliz x 1 Card
Chris Johnson x 5 Cards
Jeff Keppinger x 2 Cards
Matt Lindstrom x 1 Card
Chia-Jen Lo x 1 Ball
Shane Loux x 1 Card
Gary Majewski x 1 Card
Tommy Manzella x 5 Cards
Edwin Maysonet x 6 Cards
Drayton McLane x 1 Card
Bobby Meachem x 2 Cards
Brad Mills x 1 Card
Brian Moehler x 3 Cards
Bud Norris x 5 Cards
Felipe Paulino x 5 Cards
Hunter Pence x 1 Ball
Humberto Quintero x 1 Card
Jamie Quirk x 3 Cards
Lou Santangelo x 1 Card
Wladmir Sutil x 1 Card
J.R. Towles x 8 Cards
Polin Trinidad x 5 Cards

Totals: 72 cards + 5 balls = 77 total autographs


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