Getting Autographs at Washington Nationals Spring Training in 2010

BY: T.C.

Before this year, I had never been to the Nationals spring training camp in Viera, FL. I arrived on February 24th pretty early in the morning to a very soggy training camp. It had been raining all night and continued to rain through the morning. The team decided not to hit the practice fields, but to hold training inside of the main stadium. I’ve heard that during a normal training session, you can get lots of autographs before practice as players go out to the fields, as well as after practice when they head back to the clubhouse. Of course, on this particular day fans had no access to the workouts because they had the stadium locked up. We were stuck watching from a gated fence. Autographs were limited to players going from the clubhouse to the players parking lot. On their way to the parking lot, there is a fence that autograph seekers stand behind that is about 20 feet from the path the players take to the lot. People call players over, and most of them come and sign. I didn’t have a great experience at the training camp on this particular day (it was very boring standing behind a fence all day), but I did still get quite a few autographs. Here is what I ended up with:

Collin Balester x 6 Cards
Miguel Batista x 3 Cards
Brian Bruney x 6 Cards
Eric Bruntlett x 3 Cards
Sean Burnett x 3 Cards
Matt Chico x 6 Cards
Tyler Clippard x 3 Cards
Ian Desmond x 1 Card
Ross Detwiler x 3 Cards
Adam Dunn x 1 Jersey
Jesse English x 1 Card
Jesus Flores x 2 Cards
Willie Harris x 2 Cards
Logan Kensing x 6 Cards
John Lannan x 1 Card
Jason Marquis x 1 Ball
Shairon Martis x 8 Cards
Justin Maxwell x 5 Cards
Kevin Mench x 6 Cards
Garrett Mock x 3 Cards
Nyjer Morgan x 2 Cards
Mike Morse x 5 Cards
Derrick Norris x 6 Cards
Scott Olsen x 6 Cards
Pete Orr x 2 Cards
Jerry Owens x 6 Cards
Brian Peacock x 1 Ball
Doug Slaten x 6 Cards
Ryan Speier x 1 Card
Craig Stammen x 1 Card
Drew Storen x 3 Cards
Drew Storen x 1 Ball
Stephen Strasburg x 1 Ball
Ron Villone x 1 Card
Tyler Walker x 3 Cards
Jordan Zimmerman x 1 Card

Totals: 111 cards + 4 balls + 1 Jersey = 116 total autographs


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