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This website is dedicated to the fans that continually get kicked in the nuts but come back for more. (Are you feeling me, Detroit Lions fans?) On this website, you will read stories and geeky opinions on events, players, coaches, memorabilia, autographs, and generally anything relating to sports and the hobbyists that can’t get enough of it.

If you want to learn a little bit about the geeks behind the computers, read on…

T.C., Owner & Editor

I pretty much began my unhealthy love of sports at birth. Throughout my schoolage years, I played just about every sport ever created. I always busted my ass and ended up being decent at most sports, but was never a superstar. As I grew up, I became a total fanatic of every Detroit sports team and an uber-addict of the University of Michigan. To feed the beast, I began collecting sports cards and autographs–a passion that I still enjoy today. When I left high school, I attended college at the University of Michigan and majored in engineering. While I was there, I was also a manager for the hockey team. When I was a senior, the Red Baron (Red Berenson for those of you unfamiliar with the old coach) must have felt sorry for me and actually awarded me a varsity letter. When I graduated from Michigan, I went on to Purdue to get an MBA. If you’ve never been to West Lafayette, IN, then you can never appreciate what a sports wasteland it is. The withdrawls I felt from not being able to watch my precious Red Wings and Wolverines on a regular basis was brutal. I was in the sports equivalent of the world’s largest methadone clinic. When I graduated, I was fortunate(?!) enough to land back in the Detroit area and resume my fanatacism over my favorite sports teams. I also managed to find the time to re-energize my memorabilia collecting and have gone quite overboard in turning my basement into a Mecca of autographs, memorabilia, display cases, and wall hangings. God bless my wife for letting me do my thing! Anyhow, I decided to start this website to share some of the interesting, stupid, funny, and sometimes downright depressing stories that I encounter during the pursuit of my personal sports Valhalla.

T.C. can be reached at: TC@sportsgeekly.com

Brian, Guest Columnist

Growing up in the Detroit area, it was pretty much mandatory that you played sports of some sort. I started playing soccer and baseball for a lot of years through my childhood. There were no sports that I was not a fan of and played just about all of them with the neighborhood friends. While I was pretty good at just about every sport I tried to play (through a lot of hard work), I was never a star at any of them. Football and golf were probably my best sports, but even to this day, I still enjoy a competitive basketball game.

I caught the collecting bug early in my life around the age of 5 when I was introduced to Mickey Lolich. He was nice enough to sit and talk with me for a while and signed an autograph for me. Ever since then, he has been my favorite Tiger. After this, I jumped head first into the hobby. Every Christmas I asked for sports cards or an autograph of any of my favorite players.

After graduating from Plymouth Salem High School, I went on to major in Marketing from Michigan State University (Go Spartans). Upon graduating from MSU, I was lucky enough to land a job in the metro Detroit area as an account manager calling on the automotive industry.

Now that I had some money coming in and no more group meetings from 7:00-12:00am, I was able to start up my sports memorabilia collection again. I collect all sports, but being a former O-Lineman, I spend most of my time with football.

I will be fair and honest with all my assessments on the cards, as well as my experiences with athletes and other public images. Whether they are good to talk to or not, you will know about it.

Brian can be reached at: Brian@sportsgeekly.com

Anthony, Guest Columnist


A mysterious character of sorts, Anthony C was raised on a small ferret farm in rural Nova Scotia.  After his caretakers noticed he had a knack for stopping the little critters from escaping their coop by standing in the doorway and deflecting them away, he was sent to live in the former Soviet Union and train with the Red Army’s youth squad.  Although a lack of skills and proficiency in Russian derailed his dream, he returned Stateside to take up residence in Southeastern Michigan.   His earliest clear moment of sports fandom was watching the Fab Five, and the Red Wings rise to prominence in the early ’90s.  Currently his favorite sports teams are the Michigan Wolverines (all sports), USA Soccer, Pistons, Tigers, and Wings.

Anthony’s presence on the blog will be purely as an opinion writer, as he doesn’t collect autographs for two reasons: His gruesome appearance scares off a would-be celebrity, and he is illiterate.   What good is an autograph if you can’t read it?  As far as trading cards go, his repertoire includes the Ninja Turtles and World Cup ’94 sets.  This is hardly impressive, but he did meet MC Hammer once.

Anthony can be reached at: Anthony@sportsgeekly.com

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    Beckett Behind the Scenes is always looking for guest bloggers (saves me some work), let me know if any of you are interested.


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