I’m currently working on getting the 2006 TriStar Prospects Plus set autographed.  It has been a rewarding, albeit sometimes frustrating, experience.  I’m putting this post out there to see if there are some fellow collectors that might be able to help me complete them via: selling me the cards I need signed, doing 50/50’s (I send you two cards and you get one signed for me and keep one for yourself), or trading me for some autographs that I have doubles of (I have hundreds of signed items up for trade).  The set has 100 cards in the set and I have managed to get 97 of them signed.  Here are the ones I need help with:

38         Tyler Colvin

59         Roger Clemens (yeah, right!)

92         Troy Tulowitzki


Again, I would love to buy or trade people for any of these autographed cards.  I have hundreds of items up for trade; here is my list of trade items.

The second set I started on was the 2007 TriStar Prospects Plus set.  I finally finished it on 9/26/2009, when I got my final autograph for the set, Austin Romine!



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