Here is our product rating scale.  To understand each rating, use the explanations below to finish the following statement:  If this product were an athlete, it would be…

10…one of the all-time greats (Gordie Howe, Ty Cobb)

9…a first-ballot Hall of Famer (Al Kaline, Steve Yzerman)

8…a perennial all star performer (Alan Trammell, Herman Moore)

7…a prospect worthy of a high-round draft pick (Calvin Johnson, Cameron Maybin)

6…a starter that gives a solid effort every night (Chet Lemon, Bill Laimbeer)

5…a solid role player that gives some good minutes off the bench (Kris Draper, Antonio McDyess)

4… batting right around the Mendoza line (Brandon Inge, Craig Monroe)

3… on Dickie V’s all-airport team–look good at the airport but don’t play (Darko Milicic)

2…barely academically eligible at “the” Ohio State University–but only because it took bowling and ballroom dancing (Andy Katzenmoyer, Maurice Clarett)

1…more useful as kitty litter in my wife’s cat’s litter box (Tony Mandarich, Drew Henson)

2007 Donruss National Treasures Product Review, -2 out of 10

2007 Tristar Signa Cuts Football Product Review, 6 out of 10

2007 Donruss Americana Product Review, 3 out of 10

2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Product Review, 8 out of 10

2007 Leaf Limited Football Product Review, 7 out of 10


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