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Getting Autographs at St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training in 2010

BY: T.C.

I arrived at the Cardinals camp on Monday, February 22nd at about 8:30 am. They “officially” open the gates to fans at around 9 am each day to watch workouts. To be completely blunt, attending a workout at this camp is the biggest waste of time an autograph collector could engage in. There is very limited access to the players. In 2 hours at the Cardinals camp, I managed to get 2 autographs. One was Skip Schumaker, which I had to fight a mob for. The other was Dave McKay on a card that I happened to have. Mark McGwire signed, but there was a throng of about 50 people fighting to get close to him. Screw that. 2 ‘graphs in 2 hours is not my idea of a good time! I ended up leaving at about 11 am to head to the Marlins’ camp next door (this will be the subject of a separate post). After I went to the Marlins camp, I swung back by the Cardinals camp to try to get a few players as they left the player parking lot. I used the same strategy on Tuesday, as well–Go to the Marlins early and load up on autographs, then head to the Cardinals parking lot. I was fortunate enough outside the Cardinals parking lot to get Yadier Molina and Matt Holliday, so that was at least some consolation. My advice to any autograph collector would be the same, though…unless it’s fun for you to spend 4-5 hours getting 4-5 autographs, spend the vast majority of your time somewhere else! A diagram of the facility and places to seek autographs is below.

Here is what I ended up with during 2 hours inside the Cardinals practice facility and two afternoons outside the players parking lot:

Matt Holliday x 1 Ball
Mike Matheny x 1 Ball
Dave McKay x 1 Card
Yadier Molina x 1 2006 World Series Ball
Matt Pagnozzi x 1 Card
Skip Schumaker x 1 Ball

Totals: 4 balls + 2 cards = 6 autographs…BRUTAL!


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